Natascha Mannweiler

Marketing Manager CR / Senior Research Manager

“My favourite band is the Canadian Indie band Walk Off The Earth – unconventional multi-instrumentalists with a sense of humour, creativity and spirit!”

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Natascha Mannweiler

This Germanist, Psychologist and Political Scientist (M.A.) has been working in various sectors of market and marketing research for nearly 20 years. As a classic “hybrid all-rounder”, she is particularly well-versed in combining qualitative insights with quantitative validations.
As a “consumer sympathiser”, Natascha encourages a well-balanced optimized consumer approach – with holistic, harmonious messages for all marketing mix elements. Her research focus at ISM is therefore on qualitative research (PSYCHO*DYNAMICS) and product/sensory research (PRODUCT*DYNAMICS).
Moreover, as a marketing manager she takes care of new and old client contacts, organises events and publications and shapes the public image of ISM. And all of that with passion and dynamism!
+49 6172 / 921 333