Melina Hartmann


“Curre for the Enemy” – Billy Talent

Favourite genre

rather “rock” modern, I can’t pin it down to one genre, I mix far too much for that

Has been with me a while

“Stan” from Prince Pi

Best-kept secret

Nomy (Swedish musician and singer)

Melina Hartmann

With Melina Hartmann (B.Sc. Ecotrophology), complements the ISM Team as a further ecotrophologist with her category and method expertise. Her open, communicative nature paired with her motivation to persistently look behind things and research factors influencing consumer behaviour enrich both human interaction and the conception of research designs. With market research experience in the fields of sustainable consumption and hedonic price analyses, her research focus at ISM is on new product research (CONCEPT*DYNAMICS), analyses of consumer behaviour in Usage & Attitude studies (CONSUMER*DYNAMICS) and price research (PRICE*DYNAMICS) with a focus on the food and health sector.
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