Manuela Richter

Marketing & Research Development Manager

“You know what I think sometimes? There should always be music. In everything you do. And when it’s really shitty, then at least the music is still there. And at the point where it’s the most beautiful, the record should jump and you always hear just this one moment.” – From Absolute Giganten

Favourite genre

Electronic dance music + vocal house

What’s important when it comes to music

Amazing voices, bass that gives you goosebumps and lyrics that have something to say!

Music for me means

Music connects, that’s what matters.

Manuela Richter

This graduate psychologist has been adding a knack for creativity and a holistic perspective to our team since 2014. As a Marketing & Research Development Manager, her research interests include the psychological aspects of healthcare research, in particular recording and modelling emotions, needs and motives. She has a passion for the beautiful things in life, with a keen interest in new trends in the areas of design, art and culture. Yet she has her eye on trends and the overall situation beyond just the lifestyle branch. As a founding member of our Trend Research Team, she brings together new developments in the different sectors so that she and the team can always find the right solution for developing methodology.
With great enthusiasm for Corporate Identity and Corporate Design, she combines content and visual relations in order to shape the visual corporate image of ISM.
+49 6172 / 921 328