Jannika Kluge

Junior Research Manager

“Je veux d’l’amour, d’la joie, de la bonne humeur
Ce n’est pas votre argent qui f’ra mon bonheur” –

Favourite instrument


What’s important when it comes to music

That it fits the mood.

Great voice


Jannika Kluge

The food economist expresses her language talent through four languages. Coupled with her joy in facts and figures, she is a valuable support in international as well as national project management. Previously, she worked in the quality management department of a food manufacturer and has experience in quantitative & qualitative market research projects as well as communication research. As a calm, structured team player, she enriches both human interaction and the conception of research designs through her several years of teaching experience in bioinformatics in the fields of statistics, mathematics and epidemiology. Her focus at ISM is on Consumer Insight Research (CONSUMER*DYNAMICS), where she delves into consumer types and applies her methodological knowledge to strategic Growth Potential Studies. Her focus on content is on the pharmaceutical and food industry.
+49 6172 / 921 326