Helene Reimers

Consultant Statistics & Methods

“I like to listen to music most when I’m going on holiday.”

An absolute ear worm

“Bruxelles” by Boulevard des Airs

Great voice

Ciaran Lavery

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Helene Reimers

This sociologist (M.A.) recognised her affinity for data early on, as well as the possibility of using this to present and model real-life situations in detail. According to the motto “We’ve exchanged enough words – let’s finally see the data”, she has devoted herself more and more to quantitative social research and statistics – first at university, then as a Research Assistant on the ISM Project Management Team, and now as a valued and competent go-to for data analysis and advice on evaluation within the Institute. Be it univariate, multi-variate or the chi-square, our studies are in safe hands with Helene, from preparation of data to complex modelling.
+49 6172 / 921 322