Alexandra Karim

Senior Research Manager

“Where language ends, music begins.” – E. T. A. Hoffmann

Best-kept secret

Film music by “The Piano”

Music means to me

Expressing joie de vivre

Absolute catchy tune

Die Toten Hosen “Tage wie diese”

Alexandra Karim

Alexandra Karim is a business economist (FH) and is still an enthusiastic researcher even after almost 20 years of experience in market research! With her broad methodological expertise, the storyteller answers even the most complex questions with unbridled curiosity and depth. She passionately looks behind the mere data and figures, establishes connections and makes them tangible for our clients. The buoyant communications researcher, with a focus on pharmaceuticals, beauty and durables, manages national as well as international Usage & Attitude Studies, packaging, pricing and product research projects as a key account. She is also our specialist for advertising effectiveness research and has played a major role in built it up at ISM.
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