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As an independent institute, we have been helping companies around the globe implement their marketing strategies for four decades. Market research with competence and passion – from designing the right research project to offering advice on implementation, our customers can rely on us.
We make your decisions more secure.

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Developing markets together – research-based, implementation-oriented.


We consider market research to be an advisory, implementation-oriented service. We therefore see ourselves as a committed partner in developing the market and not just a “data provider”. This also means that we adapt our research methods to your questions in a problem-focused and flexible way – not the other way around!
We are not satisfied until our research results make a useful contribution to your marketing management. The fact that we are successful in this approach is demonstrated by our long-standing business relationships with well-known companies and our steadily growing number of clients who often come to us thanks to recommendations from our satisfied clients.

Global, local, “glocal” strategies? – We work with you to find the best approach.


You might think that international research skills no longer make any difference in this age of the internet. We think otherwise. We can provide our customers with four decades of research experience in a wide variety of markets and cultures. We deliver both quality and quantity, offline, online and in social media. We know our local research partners from years of cooperation and we are uncompromisingly committed to the strict ESOMAR quality guidelines for international research. We also organise complex multi-country studies and are there for you on site, whenever you need us. We are transparent and are happy for you to look over our shoulders and keep an eye on our work. We are committed to combine on-time delivery, top quality and value for money. We ensure our solutions are relevant to forming successful local and global marketing strategies.

Top spot in the 2018 image survey on market research service providers in the category, “Insider Tips: Smaller Agencies”

Customer Feedback

“Firstly, we are very pleased about our position on the 2018 Insider Tips List, because this means that customers and other research partners have taken the time to actively share their positive experiences with our institute. This continued positive view of our company and the virtues it pursues motivates us to continue doing what we do. We were particularly pleased about coming first in the current climate of public concern about the quality of market research. As a slightly larger “small agency”, we combine the research skills of over 20 researchers with the flexibility of a smaller institute and are happy to disprove the prejudice that only the very big companies can have a wide range of methods and services.” – Prof Dirk Frank

Our clients are our most valuable asset. Thank you very much for placing your trust in us for 40 years!
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Customer Feedback

Prof. Dirk Frank
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