Tailored online market research


Web reputation & social media

  • Pretest of your website before launch or relaunch
  • Evaluating the attractiveness, content, navigation and user behaviour of current website
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of online customer loyalty concepts
  • Addressing target groups in a targeted and precise manner using “real”, up-to-date information (customer, markets, competition)

Forums & research communities

  • Intensive communication with your target groups
  • Discussion of complex issues such as concepts/brand image
  • Platform for co-creation, involving consumers in the product development process from day one
  • Setting up and developing an own community with truly involved product experts

Online focus groups

  • Quick and easy way to obtain first impressions of new packaging, claims, products
  • Higher degree of anonymity provides more reliable results on sensitive topics, no geographical restrictions

Blog & diaries

  • Product usage in natural consumer environments
  • Bulletin boards provide more detailed information during home-use tests or offline studies


for this method:

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