Holistic analysis of the contexts in which products and brands are purchased (shopper insights) – experience and behaviour


Shopper Missions

  • Reasons for visiting/rejecting certain shopping locations
  • Shopping frequency/shopping days
  • Shopper expectations of retailers/chains/categories
  • Satisfaction with and loyalty towards shopping locations

Shopper Motivation

After-sales situation/usage

  • “Shopper as a consumer”, product satisfaction
  • Emotional and rational experiences
  • Buying motives at product level (what-why-when-where-who)
  • Analysing decision-making processes during the buying process
  • Analysing planned/impulse/substitution purchases

Shopper Profiles

Pre-purchase situations

  • Shopper types – optional: supplemented by analyses from household panel surveys/external data
  • Choice of shopping location, purchase planning

Shopper Behaviour

POS – store, category, shelf/surrounding area, product/brand

  • Shopping moods, ambiance, orientation/paths
  • Promotions, placement in the store, product offer
  • Shelf structure/orientation, range design, shelf promotions
  • Price, packaging, product information, brands as ambassadors
  • Shopper behaviour measurement via digital customer feedback systems & touchpoint analyses


for this method:

Prof. Dirk Frank
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