Holistic customer loyalty with system – models affective and cognitive factors, measures brand affinity, analyses current, potential and former customers and the relevance of loyalty factors


State evaluation

  • Current state of customer service and satisfaction
  • Test purchases, employee surveys, customer surveys
  • (Digital) customer journey & touchpoint analyses
  • Accounting of actual state, revealing areas of discrepancy and consonance

Analytical methods

  • Critical events, mystery shopping, competition benchmarking, customer segmentation, portfolio, factors that influence customer loyalty, monitoring, internal and external perspectives, conjoint analyses, trade offs

Necessity evaluation

  • Developing actions to improve service performance
  • Customer and employee surveys
  • Analysing problems and requirements, customer usage of services, acceptance of planned actions

Programme evaluation

  • Monitoring the success of customer care programmes
  • Implementing digital customer feedback systems (MyFeedback)
  • Customer surveys and mystery shopping
  • Early, flexible countermeasures in the event of deterioration of quality
  • Improving customer service, binding customers to the brand


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