Data Analytics & Insights Salon DAIS 2021

Under the motto: Resist! the international trade fair Data Analytics & Insights Salon DAIS will open its virtual doors for the first time on 24 and 25 March 2021. The format initiated by planning&analysis offers a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas and combines a virtual congress, a virtual trade fair and virtual networking.

ESOMAR delegates Prof. Dirk Frank (ISM GLOBAL DYNAMICS) and Christoph Welter (Point Blank) will address the virtual panel discussion with three international corporate researchers at 2.20 pm on 24 March. The subject of discussion is the question: “How does data management work in companies and what does this mean for the insights department and the role of internal market research: loss of power or gain in importance?”. The numerous data streams in companies (data analytics, qualitative research, quantitative research) no longer all originate from market research. What does this mean for the insights that lie dormant in this data and how does this change the role and importance of insights professionals in companies?

We look forward to meeting you at DAIS and to an inspiring exchange!