Dirk Frank presents an international study on the “Say-do Gap” of the New Normal to the virtual PUMa plenum

The Covid19 pandemic shakes up the world! Still. Many people are facing extreme challenges in these volatile times and have to adapt their hitherto unquestioned beliefs and behaviours. But how? According to numerous surveys, consumers declare it high and holy to strive for the better. But should we really trust such statements, and do they prove robust enough to be used as a basis for new business strategies or to change existing ones?

In the second virtual PUMa plenum of planung&analyse, Prof. Dirk Frank got to the bottom of these questions and presented a special international corona study to around 30 industry market researchers. By using a new smart technology, validly proclaimed, explicit opinions can be distinguished from implicit convictions that are actually relevant to action.

This digital approach uncovers the Say-do Gap and shows how people FEEL, what they NEED, what they are CONVINCED of and how they will actually BEHAVE in the future, free of often distorting psychological mechanisms such as social desirability, conformity, post-conscious rationalisation or wishful thinking. In this way the actual potential of the yes/no-sayers and yes/no-makers is determined and provides action-oriented communication strategies – even in the most diverse cultural contexts.

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