Taking responsibility for each other – not only in the times of COVID-19

The current corona pandemic is one of the greatest challenges to public health, social life and the global economy for at least half a century.

It is precisely in these uncertain times that the assumption of responsibility is called for: we are all in the same boat and have the opportunity to face the challenges together and develop solutions. This is exactly what ESOMAR’s current initiative stands for, calling on all professionals and friends of our profession to share their experiences and concerns within the research community. For a better understanding of the situation and targeted support for the industry in this time of crisis. For this purpose we can now network on the ESOMAR LinkedIn Group.

In his statement, Finn Raben from ESOMAR also emphasizes other things we can all do to help our profession in the crisis: He appeals to those who commission research to act in a financially responsible manner, for example by making payment conditions temporarily more flexible. If the industry pools its collective intelligence, it can engage in active crisis management. This is exactly what the ESOMAR initiative is calling for!