Succinctly presented in 6 minutes and 40 seconds each at the BVM Congress on June 8th and 9th, 2020 in Frankfurt am Main

Our lecture “Business Value of Strategic Market Segmentations” is one of seven current and innovative approaches to the topic “Personas vs. Segments – What’s the Story?” selected by the committee, which will be presented to the expert audience in Pecha Kucha format on June 8th and will be deepened in a subsequent panel discussion. Pecha Kucha puts it in a nutshell: 20 slides at 20-second intervals. The resulting 6 minutes and 40 seconds will be used intensively by Dirk Frank and Anke Möser for the discourse on the Growth Potential Approach of ISM GLOBAL DYNAMICS.

Short abstract of the lecture:

According to ESOMAR (R. Poynter, 2018), 12% of global market research spending was invested in U&A studies in 2017. Besides the generation of reliable basic information on consumer behavior, the segmentation of markets is the typical goal.

However, segmentations based solely on socio-demographic characteristics are not considered to be very selective; even an extension to psychographic factors does not automatically lead to “better” segmentations. Often banal (“quality-oriented”), hardly practicable segments are described and growth potentials cannot be validly derived due to fuzzy behavioral implications in saturated markets.

In accordance with modern theories of action in psychology (Frank & Riedl, 2004), it can be more effective to record behaviour in relation to the situation in order to then explore psychological and sociological drivers of action, among others, “bottom-up”, than to measure “top-down” attitudes that should lead to certain behaviour, but then too often do not.

Our solution: the “Growth Potential Study (GPS)”. This approach adds situational behavioral measurement or observation to the classical view at the “person” level. (“episode” perspective). This combination provides clear orientation, an up-to-date position determination as well as concrete recommendations on the potential of different growth strategies for a brand.

We look forward to a lively exchange with you!

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