Exciting contributions and discussions about the credibility of online data

The first day of the GOR started for our Junior Research Manager Björn Kaiser with an exciting prelude to discussing the credibility of online available data (Instagram, YouTube and Twitter), which was resumed through a few lectures a day (e.g. “Why not to use popularity scores from platforms: The hidden biases of YouTube data” – Mehrja Mahrt).

The topics ranged from new survey methods (researchmessenger vs. classic mobile research), to new queries (voice recording of open questions) and also to the well-known social media research topics such as Instagram or tweet analyzes. Many questions have been raised that continue to inspire but also raise awareness, such as:

  • What will future social media research look like when one platform at a time blocks their free access for researchers?
  • How should tweets and posts link to brands and consumer behavior?
  • How does the researcher connect the vast amounts of big data with survey results?

The visit of the conference inspires and at the same time the desire for more answers arises.