…with an own session at the GOR 2019

In market and social research – twenty years after the founding of the DGOF – the quality and limitations of online samples continue to be discussed intensively. How reliable are the results from online samples? Are generalizable statements about the population collected by CATI surveys also available online or are they no longer possible due to limited accessibility and readiness to participate? How good are the big panels and what are the new approaches to river sampling, matching or micro-quoting?

Together with representatives of different approaches (and with the involvement of the expert audience), the session wants to establish an inventory and offer an outlook: how far are online samples really, how much better (if at all) are the classical ways, and how promising – or misleading – are alternative approaches that are currently being brought to market by new companies?

Workshop Session D05: Sampling Quality and Representativity in Online Research, Thursday, March 7, 2019, 3:45 -4:45 pm.

We are on site and look forward to the exchange on this current topic and to inspiring talks with you!