The bottom-up analysis provides concrete packaging potentials.

U & A studies turned from their heads to their feet – new growth potential through change of perspective

In a well-attended workshop, Prof. Frank, Managing Director at ISM, argued for a change of perspective in U & A studies. Classical personal segmentations often remain too descriptive, criticized as “data cemeteries”, and purely attitudinal or need-based segmentation (“top-down”) often results in blurry behavioral distinctions, leaving brand growth strategies hard to derive. The current boom in observational techniques, driven by the digitization of market research, provides the methodological basis for the required change of perspective: Frank demonstrated in the context of concrete health applications how growth areas and opportunities for brands can be made clearly visible through behavioral market segmentation, such as treatment behavior during illness.The bottom-up analysis provides concrete packaging potentials for self-medication products in different strategic fields: conversion potential from the competition, increase in frequency among own users, potential of upgrade strategies and last-not-least the market potential defended by the own users. The accompanying recording of the underlying attitudes and needs then provides the communicative basis for the achievement of the discovered potentials: Which arguments can justify a conversion? With which arguments can a loyalty strategy be supported?