40 years of passionate market research - ISM GLOBAL DYNAMICS GmbH celebrates its 40th anniversary!

Bad Homburg v.d.H., May 2, 2018: ISM can look back on 40 years of successful market and marketing research and looks forward to many more exciting years.

Founded 1978 by Dipl.-Psych. Wulf Schlund as an independent owner-managed institute for social and market research (ISM), now Dipl.-Psych. Prof. Dirk Frank successfully leads the full-service institute which grew to more than 20 employees in the meantime.

The corporate philosophy of the innovative combination of research theory and implementation practice to optimally answer and advise on customer questions runs like a red thread through the decades of the company's history: lived, curious and, above all, customer-oriented marketing research always in tune with the times!

ISM also hit the nerve of the time with its early specialization in international market research. In 1992, the first international group of independent research institutes was founded with like-minded people and reorganized in 1998 as the GLOBAL DYNAMICS Group.

Today, the multicultural research team of psychologists, sociologists, ecotrophologists and political scientists at ISM GLOBAL DYNAMICS researches, supports and advises many well-known branded companies mainly in the pharmaceutical / health, FMCG and food sectors - often in a long-term partnership.

With internationally proven and continuously enhanced research methods, ISM GLOBAL DYNAMICS accompanies its customers in every development phase of the product life cycle as a strategic partner for process-accompanying marketing consulting. In addition to traditional market research approaches, the product portfolio also includes agile market research solutions, digital customer feedback systems or virtual reality applications.

In the anniversary year ISM GLOBAL DYNAMICS will be present amongst others with some customer events and workshops at Research & Results. Stay up to date!

"We live in exciting times of upheaval, it is even more important than ever to find the best mix of proven research concepts and exciting innovations. In the end, we must continue to support our customers with optimal research-based marketing advice. This is the constant in all change.", Says Prof. Dirk Frank.

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