Our qualifications

35 years of experience as a full-service provider in almost all areas of consumer goods, services at home and abroad and a highly competent team of researchers specialised in the most diversified fields make the difference to our customers!


We present relevant insights into behaviour and experience of your target group and the competency to separate what’s important from nice-to-know. That also includes questioning what is seemingly obvious over and over again and looking at it from different perspectives. This way, we provide you with the necessary security to make your decisions – clear, based on facts, verifiable.


Good market research supports your long-term strategic planning beyond the short-term „wow effect“. We will not leave you alone with the findings, we know your market and we dispose of profound marketing knowledge in order to also advise you throughout the entire process.


Dealing with them competently to us does not mean an end in itself, but an indispensable base for solid research. We are optimally trained in both the classical as well as the modern instruments and methods of market research and are therefore able to neutrally advise you on the most ideal use of methods and resources independent from off-topic interests.

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